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GML611 Micro load cell

The GML611 micro load cell is a compact weight measurement device made of high-quality aluminum alloy material. It is surface-treated with anodization and sealed with silicone rubber. With its small size and light weight, it can be easily integrated into various small devices without taking up too much space. Additionally, it features a low power design, which can extend battery life or reduce device power consumption. The GML611 micro load cell is a small, high-precision, and stable weight measurement device suitable for various small kitchen scales, smart wearable devices, and application scenarios.

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Range: 1-50kg

Sensitivity: 1.0±0.15mV/V

Accuracy: ±0.05%F.S

Creep: ±0.05%F.S/3min

Material Advantage

High-quality Aluminum

The GML611 load cell is made of high-quality aluminum, with each process rigorously audited and finely crafted. The aluminum material appears relatively bright in color. It has high mechanical properties, making it easy to process, with high fatigue strength and good toughness to withstand repeated impacts for a long time. The high-quality aluminum material is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life, fully complying with RoHS standards.

Advantages of Piercing

Standard specification for thread

The moderate taper of the standard threaded specification allows for more flexible installation of the sensor. With the appropriate taper of the sensor's threaded hole, users can choose different installation positions and angles as needed, adapting to various application scenarios. This flexibility enables the weighing sensor to be widely applied in various types of equipment and systems.

Customer Case

GML611 in kitchen scale application


Our customer, a leading kitchen appliance manufacturer, specializes in producing high-quality kitchen scales for both commercial and household use. With a strong reputation for precision and reliability, they aim to provide their customers with accurate measurements for cooking and baking purposes. As part of their commitment to continuous improvement, they approached our company to integrate weight sensors into their kitchen scales to enhance their functionality.

Problems faced by customers include

1.Accuracy and Precision: The customer required weight sensors that could provide highly accurate and precise measurements, ensuring that users could rely on the scale's readings for their culinary endeavors.

2.Durability and Reliability: The kitchen scale is subjected to frequent use, exposure to varying temperatures, and potential spills. Therefore, the weight sensors needed to be durable and reliable to withstand such conditions without compromising accuracy.

3.Integration and Compatibility: The weight sensors needed to be seamlessly integrated into the existing kitchen scale design and compatible with the customer's electronic components and software.


To overcome the challenges faced by our customer, we proposed the following solutions: High-Quality load cell: We recommended the use of high-quality load cells as weight sensors. These load cells are known for their exceptional accuracy and precision, ensuring that the measurements provided by the kitchen scale are reliable and consistent. Robust Construction: We designed the load cell with a robust construction, using materials that can withstand the rigors of kitchen environments. This ensured the durability and reliability of the load cell, even in the face of frequent use and potential spills. Customized Integration: Our engineering team worked closely with the customer to customize the weight sensors to seamlessly integrate into their existing kitchen scale design. This involved adapting the sensor dimensions, wiring, and connectors to ensure compatibility with the customer's electronic components and software.

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