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  • GPB200R
  • GPB200R

GPB200R planar beam load cell

GPB200R planar beam load cell range is designed for applications where a low profile solution is needed. Typically, our planar Beam Load Cells would be used in sets of three or four per scale in applications such as retail scales, medical scales or any weighing environment where space is a limiting factor. For optimum performance, use GALOCE load mounts and high precision measuring electronics with these weight sensor.

> Solution

Range: 30,75,150,300,600kg

Comprehensive Error: ±0.05%F.S

Sensitivity: (1.0-2.0)±10%mV/V

Creep: ±0.05 %F.S/2min

Size Advantage

Use in narrow applications

The ultra-thin construction of this load cell allows for easy integration into narrow spaces without compromising on accuracy or performance. Its compact design ensures that it can be seamlessly incorporated into various weighing applications, including medical devices, laboratory equipment, and precision industrial machinery.

Material Advantages

High quality aluminum alloy,durablec

The use of high-quality aluminum alloy material enhances the sensor's precision and reliability. The material's inherent stability minimizes any potential interference or distortion in weight measurements, resulting in accurate and consistent results.The durability of the weighing sensor is further enhanced by its resistance to wear and tear. The aluminum alloy material is resistant to scratches, dents, and deformation, ensuring that the sensor maintains its performance over an extended period.

Customer Case

GPB200R planar beam load cell for medical bed


The healthcare industry constantly seeks innovative solutions to enhance patient care and safety. One crucial aspect is accurately monitoring the weight of patients in medical beds. Traditional weighing systems often lack precision and can be inconvenient for patients. Therefore, the objective of this project is to develop an ultra-thin weight sensor that can be seamlessly integrated into medical beds to provide accurate and comfortable weight monitoring.

Problems faced by customers include

Space Constraints: Medical beds have limited space, necessitating the design of a sensor that is extremely thin and can be easily integrated without causing discomfort to patients. Accuracy: Accurate weight measurement is crucial for medical purposes. Ensuring precise readings while considering the dynamic movements of patients on the bed posed a significant challenge.


Ultra-Thin Design: The weight sensor was designed to be extremely thin, utilizing advanced materials and microfabrication techniques. This ensures minimal intrusion into the bed structure, allowing patients to lie comfortably.High Precision Measurement: The weight sensor incorporates advanced load cell technology and algorithms to accurately measure the weight of patients. It accounts for dynamic movements and provides real-time, precise readings.

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