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GSL301 S type load cell

GALOCE GSL301 S beam Load Cell was designed for measuring tension and compression forces. It is made of special alloy steel and the range of it is 5-20ton/0.05-200KN. and it have high accuracy C1,C2. the Weight Sensor has glue sealing and nickel plated surface,waterproof and anticorrosion, could work for various application such as Crane Scale, vibratory feeding equipment and other electronic weighing devices.

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Range: 0.05-200KN

Comprehensive Error: ±0.02-0.05%F.S

Sensitivity: 2.0±0.2mV/V

Ingress protection: IP66

Protection Grade Advantage

Potted&silicone glue,laser welded sealed.

The IP66 rating ensures complete protection against dust and other solid particles. This prevents any interference or damage to the weighing sensor's internal components, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.The waterproof design of an IP66-rated weighing sensor enhances its durability and longevity. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to water or moisture, without compromising its functionality.

Outlet Protection Advantages

To prevent the outlet disconnection

The spring-loaded mechanism enhances the sensor's durability, allowing it to withstand repeated loading and unloading without compromising its performance.and The spring-loaded mechanism ensures a longer lifespan for the sensor, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for weighing applications.

Customer Case

GSL301 S type load cell for industrial machinery


Our customer, a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery, was facing a challenge in accurately measuring the tension in their production line. The tension was a critical parameter that needed to be controlled to ensure the quality and performance of their products. They were using conventional load cells, but they were not providing the desired accuracy and reliability. Therefore, they approached us to find a solution to their problem.

Problems faced by customers include

The customer was experiencing several issues with their existing load cells. Firstly, the accuracy of the measurements was inconsistent, leading to variations in the tension applied to their products. This resulted in product defects and increased rejection rates. Secondly, the load cells were not durable enough to withstand the harsh operating conditions of their production line. They were frequently failing, causing downtime and additional maintenance costs. Lastly, the customer required a load cell that could be easily integrated into their existing system without significant modifications.


After carefully analyzing the customer's requirements and challenges, we recommended the implementation of S-Type load cells. S-Type load cells are known for their high accuracy, reliability, and durability, making them ideal for tension measurement applications. Additionally, they have a compact design, allowing for easy integration into existing systems.To address the accuracy issue, we suggested using S-Type load cells with a higher resolution and precision. These load cells would provide consistent and reliable measurements, ensuring the desired tension levels are maintained throughout the production process.

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