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  • GPB100R

GPB100R single point load cell

The GPB100R is a classic parallel beam load cell, consisting of two parallel straight or curved beams. It is generally a symmetrical structure with a center hole, double holes, five holes, square frame, etc. The load cell's load body is made of high-strength, heat-resistant hard aluminum alloy (2A12). The upper and lower surfaces of the load body are affixed with high-precision strain gauges, sealed with silicone gel, and the cable is a PVC shielded cable with four cores, with an outer diameter of φ4.0 × 400mm. The cable length can be customized, and the cable end can be connected to various connectors specified by the customer. The load cell's surface is treated with anodization, providing corrosion resistance in general environments, with an IP65 protection rating

> Solution

Range: 3-100kg

Comprehensive Error: ±0.02%F.S

Sensitivity: 2.0±0.2mV/V

Zero output: ≤±0.03mV/V

Classic size Advantage

High universality and comprehensive accuracy

Classic size, 130*30*22mm, with 4-M6 threaded holes, high universality, high comprehensive accuracy, good linearity, high lateral stiffness, strong resistance to lateral and offset loads, easy to assemble into electronic scales for overload protection, easy to adjust four-corner errors; during installation, one end of the wire is fixed, and the other end is loaded, with the loaded end suspended. For single-scale installation, it is recommended to use a weighing platform size of 250*350mm, with factory corner adjustments.

Structure Advantages

Wide application and standardized production process

Simple in structure, standardized production process, easy for mass production, reducing production costs. It is widely used in small-scale commercial, household scales, and various electronic intelligent weighing devices.

Customer Case

GPB100R single point load cell for RVS reverse vending


With the rapid development of economies worldwide, every city is placing increasing emphasis on urban sanitation and environmental hygiene. The annual market space for environmental sanitation services exceeds billions. The "Internet + Smart Waste Sorting System" has begun to popularize in various regions, and the demand for smart trash bins and the Internet + Smart Waste Sorting System is now in a state of intense competition.

Problems faced by customers include

To address the difficulty of garbage classification and recycling, advanced technologies such as the Internet, media, big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence have been utilized. This has promoted the use of smart waste sorting systems and traditional garbage collection bins, truly achieving the goal of waste recycling and turning waste into treasure. It is more intelligent, humanized, rational, and widespread.Our reverse vending solutions allow used drinks containers to be sorted and recycled, Encouraging consumers to recycle single-use plastics helps to limit waste, protect the environment for future generations and contribute to a circular economy.


Smart reverse vending machines, designed to identify and compact PET plastic bottles and metal cans.Designed for small store formats, easy to use, cost-effective way to recycle empty drinks packages. Its compact size and low cost means it will fit both your location and your budget. Plus, breakthrough compaction delivers the industry’s best container densification – allowing for maximum container storage in a small space. RVM model for return centres with minimal available space and low volume drinks package recycling such as convenience stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, and schools.

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