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GML670 micro load cell

The internal resistive strain gauge adopts temperature compensation, making it suitable for use in situations with minimal temperature changes or low temperature drift requirements. This product can be used as a full bridge or half bridge. The full bridge consists of four wires (red, black, green, white) and can be used individually or in multiple combinations. The half bridge consists of three wires (red, black, white) and can be used in pairs or groups of four. 

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Range: 5~200kg(Single piece)

Comprehensive Error: ±0.05%F.S

Sensitivity: 0.5~2.0mV/V

Zero output: ≤±0.3mV/V

Load Body Material Advantage

High strength and hardness

The load body material manganese steel, grade 65Mn, has high strength and hardness, as well as good elasticity. Its strength and hardness mainly come from the solid solution strengthening effect of manganese, while its elasticity is influenced by carbon content. 65Mn has high yield strength and tensile strength, making it suitable for manufacturing parts that require high strength and wear resistance.

Technology Advantages

Preventing oxidation, corrosion and rust

The load cell surface can be galvanized or treated with black electrophoresis to form a protective film, effectively preventing oxidation, corrosion, and rust, and extending the load cell 's lifespan. This improves the durability, aesthetics, and stability of the load cell, allowing it to work normally in various harsh environments and improve product quality.

Size Advantage

Small size and lightweight

The load cell has dimensions of 34mm in length, 34mm in width, and 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/4.0mm in thickness. Its small size and lightweight make it easy to install in limited spaces, suitable for various compact applications, including electronic scales, medical equipment, robots, drones, etc., with broad application prospects.

Customer Case

GML670 micro load cell for smart medical


With the aging of the world and people's pursuit of a healthy and happy life, the medical robot industry will usher in a flashpoint. Medical robots are an inevitable trend of technological development. Continuing to expand the breadth, depth, speed, and precision of medical robot innovation, and accelerating the extension to more intelligent and refined medical and health care, life services and other fields will help to achieve "jointly protect human beings." A great vision for a healthy and better future".

Problems faced by customers include

A team of medical device engineers from the United States, they wanted to design a flexible assessment and therapy system for the entire body, trains postural control and thus the basis of all movements in a sensitive, specific and meaningful way. our engineers recommended the GML670 load cell for their newly developed medical testing equipment after having an in-depth understanding of the functions they wanted to achieve. The GML670 load cell has a small size, good stability and high precision. Advantages, adapt to the small size installation space, and slightly improve the product in order to adapt to the installation structure.


During the test, the customer feedback error is large. After checking the customer's installation pictures, it was found that the customer installed 3 sensors on one device. When two or more sensors are installed in parallel, it is necessary to debug the sensitivity of the three-piece group before leaving the factory. After the error reduction, within the range of customer requirements. During the installation, the customer feedback that the screw fixation is not suitable, and the threaded hole is customized according to the customer's screw diameter, which successfully solves the problem of installation and fixation.

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