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Household Scales

Household scales generally refer to household electronic scales, which are mainly used for weighing needs in daily life, including kitchen scales, body scales, baby scales, portable scales, coffee scales, pet scales, and various other electronic scales.

With the improvement of people's living standards, there is an increasing demand for various electronic scales in daily life. For example, body scales are used for weight management, kitchen scales are used for precise measurement in cooking, and pet scales are used for monitoring pet health, among other needs. In order to meet the needs of people's daily lives, there may be some new types of electronic scales in the future market according to people's needs. Regardless of the form of electronic scales, they are all for making people's lives healthier and more convenient.

Household electronic scales mainly consist of a casing, a display screen, a load cell, and a circuit board. The load cell is the core component of the electronic scale, which converts the mass of an object into an electrical signal. The circuit board amplifies the electrical signal, filters it, and converts it into a digital signal, then displayed as a weight value on the display screen.

GALOCE, The ideal weighing solution partner

There is a big market for home electronic scales, They are used for trade settlement but mainly as a rough reference for object weight. The accuracy requirement is not high. The market prices vary, resulting in relatively low prices for load cells. Therefore, it is crucial for electronic scales to choose a stable and reliable load cell.

GALOCE's micro load cells are made of high-quality manganese steel or aluminum alloy. The strain gauges undergo strict selection, advanced production processes, and rigorous quality control. Important procedures are tested during the production process to ensure the quality and stability of the sensors.

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Why Choose GALOCE?

At GALOCE, we design, manufacture, test, and calibrate load cells for the Household Scales industry. By choosing us as your source for measurement and control solutions, you can benefit from the following

Professional customization capabilities
With over 10 years of industry experience,GALOCE can customize load cells according to specific customer requirements, including size, accuracy, output signals, and more. Our team of engineers works closely with clients to provide the best solutions.
Product reliability and durability
We adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure the stability and reliability of our load cells. We use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to guarantee high accuracy and long lifespan. Our products are certified by ISO9001, CE, ROHS, and we also provide traceable calibration certificates.
Multiple model options
GALOCE brand load cell offer a wide range of models and specifications to meet the diverse needs of different application scenarios. Whether it's a small household electronic scale or a large industrial scale, we can provide the appropriate sensor solution.
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