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Cabinet weighing solution

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We designed a custom cabinet bottom load cell solution for a chain supermarket that needed to monitor weight changes of items inside cabinets located at different locations. The supermarket has multiple stores, each with numerous shelves and cabinets for storing goods.

The client wanted to monitor real-time weight changes of items in each cabinet to facilitate timely restocking and optimize inventory management. We provided the client with custom cabinet bottom load cells, installed at the bottom of each cabinet, transmitting data to the client's central monitoring system through RS485 digital signal output.

With these load cells, the client can remotely monitor weight changes of items in each cabinet, understand inventory status, and make restocking decisions based on real-time data. This intelligent inventory management solution helped the client achieve inventory automation and intelligence, improving work efficiency and reducing inventory management costs.

The client feedback indicated that through these cabinet bottom load cells, they could more accurately control inventory, avoiding excess or insufficient stock, and increasing inventory turnover rate and sales efficiency. This intelligent solution brought tangible business value to the client, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive retail market.

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