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Smart cat litter box weighing

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A cat litter box is a basin for cat litter, and cat litter is what cats use to go to the toilet. A long time ago, cats were animals living in the desert. They buried their excrement in the sand to prevent them from being smelled by natural enemies. . It has become an instinct for modern cats to go to the toilet in the cat litter, and the cat litter box is a container for cat litter. A large and spacious cat litter box will improve the comfort of the cat when going to the toilet. What we are talking about today is the smart cat litter box. The smart cat litter box has the advantages of freeing hands, reducing odor, convenient for traveling, and saving time.

Pour the cat litter into the cabin of the smart cat litter box. After the cat is convenient, the cat litter is agglomerated, the cat litter box is rotated, and the unused cat litter and agglomerated cat litter are filtered. The net is separated, the agglomerated part will fall from the opening into the litter box facing below, and the unclumped part will continue to be used in the cat litter box. It is similar to the cement mixer we saw at the construction site.

A load cell is a kind of signal that provides the weight of an object Measuring element, Smart cat litter box can quickly and accurately identify cats through high precision load cell. It is used to judge whether the cat leave the litter box in order to start the little box rotation, and prevent the cat turning in the litter box and pinch the cat.

The load cell can also measure the amount of cat litter, reminding Users add cat litter in time. We recommend the following load cells applications in smart on the cat litter box.

1. Cat litter box specifications: Common cat litter boxes on the market weigh 15kg to 30kg, The weight of the cat is 1.5 ~ 8kg, the weight of cat litter is 1~5kg, the total weight is about 50kg.

2. Load cell recommendation:

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