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Beehive scale

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The beehive is the place where bees can multiply during the process of beekeeping, and it is the most basic beekeeping tool. Ordinary beehives usually do not have a weighing device, so it is impossible to know exactly how much honey is in the beehive. Workers need to take out the honeycomb pieces one by one in the beehive to know if there is honey. This traditional method is very inconvenient, not only is labor intensive and low in efficiency, but also interferes with the normal reproduction and honey production activities of bees.

In order to solve the above technical problems, we can make a beehive weighing device. The beehive is generally a cuboid structure, you can consider adding a chassis at the bottom of the beehive, and install a load cell in the chassis. The weight of the beehive can be displayed on the display device through the AD module and MCU, or sent to the mobile phone through the wireless device module. The mobile APP can check the weight of the hive at any time.

Option 1: On-site display

Beehive weighing includes: load cell, base, AD module, MCU and display device

Option 2: Wireless transmission

Beehive weighing includes: load cell, base, wireless module

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