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Refrigerant Charging Scale

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Industrial Background

Refrigerant Charging Scale is also called refrigerant filling scales, electronic scales for adding fluorine to air conditioners, and electronic scales for quantitative filling of refrigerants.

Refrigerants, commonly known as refrigerants, are working fluids used in systems such as refrigeration and air conditioning to transfer heat and produce freezing effects. It is a substance that easily absorbs heat and becomes a gas, and easily releases heat to become a liquid. Refrigerants are used in refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning systems, and commercial cold storage. The refrigerant used has a certain period, so the filling and recycling of refrigerant becomes extremely important. But how to add refrigerant is not an easy task.

Taking the air-conditioning system as an example, it is impossible to judge whether the refrigerant filled in the air-conditioning system is "full" purely by the pressure value displayed by the refrigerant pressure gauge. The best way is to use an electronic scale to weigh and refill the refrigerant. When filling, use the electronic scale to accurately measure the amount of refrigerant filling until the required filling amount.

Refrigerant Charging Scale

Product Solution

In fact, the weigh-and-charge method is the only truly correct method, and it applies to any refrigeration system. As long as the manufacturer indicates the correct charge for the refrigeration unit on the nameplate, the charge can be weighed using an electronic scale after the system has been completely dry and evacuated.

With the advancement of science and technology, refrigerant electronic scales, as an important tool for refrigerant filling, are constantly being introduced, and the use effect is becoming more and more significant.

As the core component of the refrigerant electronic scale, the load cell plays the role of weight measurement, and the selection of the load cell is particularly important.

Refrigerant Charging Scale

Product Introduction

Common refrigerant electronic scales on the market are mainly composed of a weighing platform and a handheld instrument. The size of the weighing platform is generally 230-300mm, the measuring range: 50/100kg, and the division value: 2g/5g. The wired connection between the handheld instrument and the weighing platform is mainly a spring wire with a retractable length of 150mm.

Recommended parallel beam load cell GPB100R, aluminum alloy material, silicone seal, high precision, single use, factory repaired four corners, spring wire cable.

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