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GWD200 wireless dynamometer

GALOCE GWD200 wireless Dynamometer is an extremely well-built instrument for industry use , hot sales for Crane Scale, as a standard wireless tool offer universal applications,Whether used as conventional crane weigher or to measure force, GWD200 Wireless Dynamometer is microprocessor controlled for high precision accuracy, calibration is easier with wireless handheld indicator. Load Cell 5Ton, load cell 10Ton, load cell 100Ton are in stock still.

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Weight range: 1-200t

Accuracy: 0.05%-0.1%

Division: 0.5-100kg

Wireless distance: 80m-200m

Functional advantage

Multiple function selection

Wireless dynamometer display with many functions: Zero, tare, Low battery warnings, peak hold, overload warning. User calibration(with password) .the wireless dynamometer is a versatile and reliable instrument that offers multiple functions for accurate force measurement in various applications. Its wireless capability, additional features, and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for professionals in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, and research.

Transmission advantage

Flexibility and convenience

The wireless dynamometer is designed to measure force and has a transmission range of 80-200m. It utilizes wireless technology to transmit data and allows for convenient and efficient force measurement in various applications. With its extended transmission distance, it provides flexibility and convenience for users to monitor and analyze force measurements from a distance. The wireless feature eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and allows for easy installation and setup. This dynamometer is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications where accurate force measurement is required.

Customer Case

GWD200 wireless dynamometer for engineering machinery


Our customer, a manufacturing company, specializes in producing heavy machinery and equipment. They were looking for a solution to accurately measure the load and tension on their machinery during the manufacturing process. Traditionally, they used wired dynamometer, which limited their flexibility and caused inconvenience in terms of installation and maintenance. To overcome these challenges, they decided to explore the use of wireless dynamometer.

Problems faced by customers include

Inconvenience and limitations of wired load cells: The use of wired load cells required extensive cabling, making the installation process time-consuming and complex. Moreover, the cables often got tangled or damaged, leading to inaccurate measurements and frequent maintenance issues.

Limited flexibility and mobility: The wired load cells restricted the movement of machinery during the manufacturing process. This hindered the efficiency and productivity of the company, as they were unable to make necessary adjustments or reposition the machinery without the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting the load cells.


To address the customer's challenges, our company proposed the use of wireless dynamometer. These dynamometer eliminate the need for cables, providing a more convenient and flexible solution for load and tension measurement.

Wireless dynamometer : Our wireless dynamometer are equipped with built-in transmitters that transmit load data to a central receiver wirelessly. This eliminates the need for extensive cabling, simplifying the installation process and reducing maintenance requirements.

Enhanced Mobility: With wireless dynamometer., the customer can easily move and reposition their machinery without the limitations of wired connections. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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