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Smartphone cabinet weighing solution

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A smartphone cabinet is used to store and protect mobile phones, mainly used in factory workshops, hospitals, military, schools, laboratories, research units, and other occasions, providing effective management of mobile phones. Smart smartphone cabinets, controlled by microcomputers, can combine facial recognition, fingerprint, scanning, ID card, and card swiping opening modes as needed to reduce management costs. With the continuous changes in market demand, rechargeable smart smartphone cabinets have now appeared on the market, adding a rechargeable function to the original smartphone cabinet. In addition to meeting the collective storage management needs of mobile phones, it can also provide charging for mobile phones to extend battery life.

Currently, smart smartphone cabinets on the market are not suitable for some specific areas, especially for boarding schools, military, and units with strong confidentiality requirements. The security of mobile phones is very important, as there is a risk of phones being lost or taken during controlled periods. In order to address this issue, considering cost, weight sensors are more suitable.

One weight sensor is installed under the platform of each cabinet door. Before placing a phone, the platform of all cabinet doors is zeroed. After placing the phone, the weight sensor reads the weight signal and sends it to the central processor at the backend. Each cabinet door corresponds to the weight of the phone. When the phone is taken away, the weight changes, and the backend processor will issue an alarm.

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