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TMR feed mixer weighing solution

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Industry background

In the livestock industry, feed is a material that is consumed daily by farms, and controlling feed costs is a primary consideration for farms. In traditional farms, manual feeding, due to the inability to control the amount of feed, not only leads to feed waste but also fails to achieve nutritional balance, resulting in decreased reproduction rates and yields, leading to a decline in farm profitability.

Total Mixed Ration (TMR) is a feeding method widely adopted in large-scale dairy goat farming in recent years. It involves the mixing of chopped roughage, concentrate feed, and additives such as trace elements, according to the nutritional requirements of dairy cows at different feed stages. This technology simplifies labor procedures, mechanizes feed processing and feeding processes, saves labor and time, reduces feed costs, improves labor efficiency, and achieves the goal of scientific feeding.

TMR feed mixers can be divided into vertical and horizontal types based on their appearance. Vertical mixers are further classified into stationary and towable types, while horizontal mixers are classified into stationary and self-propelled types. Vertical mixers have a simple structure and provide more accurate weighing. The entire process from mixing to discharging ensures the production of high-quality feed, thereby increasing milk production and quality. For these reasons, most farms in Europe and the United States use vertical mixers, and we believe that vertical mixers are the most suitable choice for the Chinese market.

Introduction of the project

It is necessary to develop a weight sensor that is compatible with the full mixed ration (TMR) technology. The TMR feed mixer truck, equipped with the weight sensor, can accurately measure the weight ratio of roughage, concentrate feed, and trace elements. It can also display the total weight of the feed mixer, thus calculating the feed intake of each cow and accurately controlling their daily ration, promoting healthy growth. Therefore, the selection of the sensor is particularly important.

The dedicated weight sensor for TMR feed mixer trucks adopts a bending beam structure, with an accuracy of 0.1% to 0.5%. It is made of alloy steel and is used in sets of four. It is installed at the bottom of the feed truck carriage, with one end fixed to the carriage and the other end fixed to the vehicle axle beam. Considering the impact from braking and bumps during transportation, shear beam structures are generally not used in towing-type mixer trucks, as the elastic body of the shear beam structure is prone to fracture under impact. Therefore, towing-type mixer trucks usually adopt this type of solid and durable round bar bending beam structure.

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