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GPWA08 Digital Portable Truck Weighing Scales

1. Light weight, easy to carry
2. High accuracy: 0.1-0.3%
3. Single pad range: 1-20T
4. Wireless/wired use
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About Portable Axle Weighing Scale

Higher quality, better user experience! Upgraded version of GPWA08 is coming! Compared to the previous weighing pads or other companies same type product, we have the confidence in GPWA08 of this version is the best quality ever!  No signal transmission problem, no weighing instability, no indicator display error! It makes your work more convenient and efficient. It is very suitable for high-precision static use, the accuracy can reach 0.1% stably. The bottom of the weighing pads adopt several high accuracy shear beam load cell sensors, which have good waterproof and sealing performance, sturdy and durable structure, and excellent workmanship. It mainly used in automobile production testing, agricultural producers, logistics companies and other occasions. We hope you don't miss this great product!


1. Wired or wireless data transmission;

2. The weighing pad has 2 forms: has slope and without slope;

3. Wired type portable axle scale adopts high-strength cable protection spring, which can safely make the wheels roll over;

4. Light weight, easy to carry, high precision and good repeatability;

5. High-strength aviation aluminum alloy weighing pads, the surface is treated with high-quality military aluminum oxidation treatment to resist wear and corrosion;

6. High-quality rubber slope, non-slip pattern on the surface, sturdy and durable. It connected with the pads to avoid separation;

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Size (mm)


Slope size (mm)500x300720x330
Single Pad Max. Range (t)




Static: 0.1%-0.3%

Sensor Structure

There are four or six shear beam type sensors at the bottom


Indicator A.jpg

Indicator D.jpg



1. Marketing Background

Overloading of vehicles on the road is an important cause of road acceleration and damage, as well as potentially important causes of traffic accidents. 

The traffic police and other relevant departments have continuously strengthened the enforcement of overruns and overloads. At the same time, relevant law enforcement agencies require a high-quality equipment that accurately detects the dynamic weight of vehicles during the law enforcement process.

In order to provide law enforcement agencies with a convenient and efficient tool, our company produced a portable axle weighing scale. In addition, the portable axle weighing scale is also used in a certain range of fields such as automobile safety inspection,logistics transportation, agricultural producers, ports, mines, and construction sites.

2. Soutions

The portable axle weighing scale is composed of a weighing pad and an indicator, the signal transmission between the weighing pad and the indicator is divided into wired and wireless.

▶Wired type:

1. Equipped with a high-strength protective cable spring to prevent the wire from being crushed;

2. The default cable is 10m;

3. More economical than wireless type;

▶Wireless type:

1. The signal transmission distance is 20-30m;

2. It has stable signal transmission;

Axle weighing scale measurement methods generally include dynamic measurement and static measurement.

Dynamic measurement means that the vehicle passes through the weighing plate at a constant speed of 5km/h, and the vehicle does not need to stop. Then the axle weight scale will detect the weight of each axle in turn and calculate the total weight of the vehicle. Dynamic measurement only need to use 2 weighing pads.

Static measurement means that all wheels of the car are measured by pressing on the weighing pad. Similar to a simple weighbridge, this kind of measurement accuracy is higher than that of dynamic measurement. But the number of wheels needs to correspond to the number of weighing pads. Therefore, the total price of static measurement is generally higher, customers can choose this type according to their own situation.



GPWA02-1 indicator.jpg