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GALOCE is committed to becoming an excellent brand solution provider in the field of weighing measurement and control.


GML670 half bridge

Micro load cell

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Kitchen Scale Micro Load Cell

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Single point load cell

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Planar Beam Load Cell

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S type load cell

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Spoken type load cell

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Tension Compression Force Sensor

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Compression Foce Sensor

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Measurement and control instrumentation for any application.

Commercial scale

The electronic table scale, also known as the electronic bench scale, is a compact weighing device that combines the weighing platform and weighing display. The weighing range is usually between 1.5kg and 30 kg, and the size of the platform is generally smaller than 250*350mm.The GALOCE GPB100R Single point load cell is installed in the middle of the scale platform, providing stability and support.

Electronic table scale Platform scale Electronic balance scale Animal scale

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Intelligence field

The requirements for commercial intelligent load cell in the field are different from traditional electronic scales. In intelligent field, the load cells are usually long-term loading, The traditional electronic scales are typically loaded multiple times in a short period. Our customer base spans various industries and fields, including smart shelves, smart beehive scale, Smart garbage bin, and vending machine.

Smart shelf Vending machine Smart garbage bin Beehive scale

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Household Scales

Household electronic scales mainly consist of a casing, a display screen, a load cell, and a circuit board. The load cell is the core component of the electronic scale, which converts the mass of an object into an electrical signal. The circuit board amplifies the electrical signal, filters it, and converts it into a digital signal, then displayed as a weight value on the display screen.

Body scale Baby scale Kitchen scale Portable scale

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Overloading and exceeding the weight limits of vehicles on the roads are potential significant causes of accelerated road damage and traffic accidents. Traffic and law enforcement departments have been continuously strengthening their enforcement efforts against overloading and exceeding weight limits. At the same time, these enforcement agencies need a device that can accurately detect the dynamic weight of vehicles during their enforcement process.

Safety inspection logistics and transportation Ports Construction sites

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Medical industry

Load cells can address the need for measuring and monitoring weight signals of patients, medications, and other objects in the healthcare industry. This can help free up manpower and enhance the level of service.

Infant scale wheelchair scale Urine bag scale Infusion bottle scale Medical bed scale

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Agriculture machinery

GALOCE provides various types of load cells for Construction machinery, such as pin load cells, tension load cells, rope tension load limiter, and bearing seat load cells. These load cells are used to detect the lifting weight, and the weight control instrument determines the corresponding control signal based on the lifting weight.

Harvesters Seeders Irrigation equipment TMR feed mixer trucks

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Construction machinery

Frequent safety accidents occur in construction machinery due to overload. To solve this safety issue, it is necessary to use load cells to measure the lifting weight signal on the equipment. By combining with secondary instruments that have pre-set weight limits, the instrument can provide a signal output to the hoisting control system through a relay when the weight reaches the set limit. This allows for the completion of relevant operations and ensures safety protection.

Lift limiter Elevator overload protection

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Industrial Process Control and Automation

GALOCE weighing utilizes advanced sensor technology and precise algorithms, enabling high-precision weight measurement to meet the accuracy requirements of the industrial process control industry. The load cells monitors and provides real-time feedback on weight data, helping the industrial process control industry to adjust and optimize production processes in a timely manner, improving production efficiency and quality.

Ingredients scale Sorting scale Packaging machine Tanks

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About us

GALOCE is a high-tech weighing measurement Internet brand integrating R&D, production and sales. It is committed to becoming an excellent solution service in the weight measurement industry.

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Strict quality standards, good quality, professional tech support and after selling service.

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Innovation and improvement makes products great performance and reliability.

03Product Solutions

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04OEM & ODM Available

Have your logo engraved on the sensor or design it differently.

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Our goal is to help our customers create greater value. If you need sensor solutions, we are your ideal partner.

From easy-to-use general weight sensors to high-tech weight solution for specialists, our load cell sensors have a model for every type of user. In order to determine the sensor that matches your needs.

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