GSI404-1 RS232 4-20mA Weighing Indicator

♦ Plastic housing :6-digit 20.2mm red LED
♦ Dimensions: 256X165X 170mm
♦ Weight: 1.5kg
♦ Inside battery: 6V 4AH
♦ Applications: Electronic platform scale, weighing scale, etc.

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Weighing indicator also commonly called Digital Weighing Indicator is a system of indication or recording of the selector type or one that advances intermittently in which all values are presented digitally, or in numbers. It can be connected with load cell or other force transducer directly, with fast response, high precision, stable measurement, tare weight, display correction and other adjustment functions.It can be used for quantitative, ingredient, balance, weighbridge, cement, food packaging, chemical ingredients and other industries automatically display or control.


30 hours of full charge battery operation

Drive up 4X350Ω or 8X700Ω load cell

Anual/Automatic accumulate

Programmable zero tracking

Programmable digital filter

Selectable kg and lb

RS-232 serial interface

Accuracy can be increased ten times

Hold function

Animal weighing

Counting function

Connect with Mini-printer


RS485 serial interface

Two / four set point function

4-20mA analog current output function

Stainless steel holder

Mechanical scale



Oline Message

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