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Dynamic Torque Sensor

GTS200 Dynamic Torque Sensor

♦ Torque range: Standard of 0~10000Nm
♦ Output signal: Pulse, 4-20mA, 1-5v, etc; can be equipped with indicator (showing: Torque/ speed/ power)
♦ Application: Test of torque and power in many different fields

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1. Signal output waveform square amplitude optional 5V/12V/15V/24V.

2Boot 5 minutes into the working status, not need preheating course.

3high accuracy, good stability and anti-jamming.

4Do not need repeated zero setting can measure positive and negative torque.

5. Small volume, light weight, easy to install.

6The sensor can be used independently from the second instrument, so long as providing the power ± 15V(200mA),

according to the socket pin number, then it can output isotropic wave or pulse wave frequency signal whose impedance is proportional to the torque.

7. Torque range: Standard of 0~10000Nm,more than 10000Nm can be customized.


Torque accuracy

 <±0.5 % F·S, <±0.25 % F·S, <±0.1 % F·S(Optional)

Frequency response 100μs
The nonlinear <±0.1 % F·S


<±0.1% F·S

Return difference

<0.1 % F·S

Zero time drift

<0.2 % F·S
Zero temperature drift <0.2 % F·S /10℃

Using temperature

-10 ~ 50℃

Storage temperature

-40 ~ 70℃


GTS200 size.pngGTS200尺寸图表.jpg

The torque sensor uses an aerospace connector (with shieded cable). The shielded cable out let line defines:



1. Test of torque and power of motor, engine, internal combustion engine and other rotary force equipment.

2. Test of torque and power of fan, water pump, gear box, torque wrench.

3. Test of torque and power of railway locomotive, automobile, tractor, airplane, ship, mining machinery.

4. It can be used to detect the torque and power in the sewage treatment system.

5. It can be used to make viscosimeter.

6. It can be used in process industry.

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