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GSP913 Light-duty Weight Crane Scale

♦ Alloy steel shackle for overload and safety performance;
♦ Multi-function operation: Tare, Zero, Auto zero tracking, etc;
♦ Sealing design, moisture proof

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1. Integrated pull pressure sensor design to making sure the weighing accuracy and strength.

2. Die-casting aluminum enclosure to making sure the strength of structure.

3. sand-blasting and powered coated, anti-corrosion

4. Sealing design, moisture proof.

5. Alloy steel shackle for overload and safety performance


1.  Accuracy Class: OIMLⅢ

2.  Display: 38mmLED or 40mmLCD with backlight

3.  Temperature Rage: -10℃ ~+40℃

4.  Battery: Built-in lead acid battery DC6V4Ah

5.  Battery  L ife: >80h

6.  Tare Range: 100% F.S

7.  Zero Range: 2% F.S

8.  Safe Overload: 120% F.S

9.  Ultimate Overload: 400% F.S

10.  Overload Alarm: 100% F.S+9e

11.  Adapter: 9V 1200mA

Product Function

1.  Zero/Tare/Hold/Total

2.  Resolution switch, data hold,  power saving mode

3.  Auto power-off set, weight block, tare set

4.  Low- power  design for longer battery life   

5.  Infrared remote  control


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