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How To Choose A Right Crane Scale?


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What is digital crane scale

Digital crane scales are used to measure the weight of a load as it is lifted, typically by a crane, hoist or winch. Ideal for industrial areas including manufacturing factories, recycle scrap metal yards and also heavy-duty industrial plants.

Do you really know how to choose a right scale?

Choosing a good scale is very important in the work. It saves your time, increases efficiency, saves money and keeps you safe in your busy schedule. For how to choose a good crane scale?

We recommend that you think about it from two aspects: Crane Scale & Hanging Scale.

The main difference between a crane and a hanging scale is related to capacity and cost. Hanging scales are used for lighter weighing tasks and tend to be less expensive as a result. Crane scales are better-equipped to deal with large industrial weighing applications and can be more costly. In this way, you can choose the right scale to ensure the quality of your work. 

In addition, we also recommend our company's high quality digital crane scale for two different types as below:

If you need to use it in industrial or weighing large range items, we recommend that you browse the following crane scales, you can compare the parameters and choose the right product. 
Learn more about GSP909GSP910GSP911


>>This kind of crane scale has strong lifting hook, hard shell and large red digit LED display which ensures the load is secured and helps prevent accidents. In addition, they also has some options for making your work More flexible:


Where can be the digital crane scale used for?


Not suitable? 

Don't worry, we still have other crane scales for you, Click here to know more

Maybe the hanging scale is more suitable for you.