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What is Beam Load Cell About?


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GALOCE Beam type load cells are the most widely used type of load cells, including shear beam load cells, bending beam load cells, planar beam load cells, etc.They are suitable for medium or large capacity weighing applications, such as industrial floor scales, filling machinery, conveyor systems, usually used in multiples of 3 or 4 load cells to provide silo and hopper weighing systems. 

GALOCE GSB205 Shear beam load cell is made of alloy steel, can be installed easily, also has high precision, low height, long-term stability and durability features. GSB205, with maiximum capacities ranging from 0.1kg to 3t, is widely used in floor scale, livestock scale and forklift scale, etc.

GSB205 Shear Beam.jpg


For harsh environment, we provide bending beam load cell GSB211 (also called bellow type load cell). Stainless steel material, laser welded sealed to give it IP65 or IP66 protection. It is very suitable for use in low profile platforms, hopper and packaging scales.


GSB211 Bellow type.jpg

GPB200 Planar beam load cell is for for use in very low profile platform scale.  It is designed to be used as an alternative to a single point load cell, normally use 3 or 4 units together are required for each application. Planar beam load cell are widely used in platform scales, medical scales, etc.

GPB200 Planar Beam Load Cell.png