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Application of GPS and load cell in muck monitoring system


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GPS satellite real-time positioning is the most basic and most common regulatory method for urban muck. The load cell is a force-electric conversion device that converts gravity into an electrical signal. By installing a load cell on the muck, the vehicle's load weight can be collected in real time, and the weight information can be displayed on the vehicle display instrument in real time.


A muck truck is a vehicle that is engaged in the transportation of construction waste, muck and gravel. Its characteristics are old, generally overloaded, and easy to overspeed. This situation has been going on for many years, making the muck truck the most likely cause of accidents in trucks. In addition, the muck truck does not stop working, it will also cause dust pollution. At present, sensor equipment is indispensable in the application of various muck car intelligent monitoring and safety management systems developed by domestic enterprises.


GPS satellite monitoring Beidou or GPS monitoring and positioning monitoring is the most basic and most common monitoring method for urban muck trucks. GPS can realize real-time positioning, and relevant managers can view the position information of muck trucks in real time. For example, in April 2019, Sichuan Bazhong Economic Development Zone Urban Management Law Enforcement Branch took the lead in launching the digital monitoring system for muck transportation. For the first time, 89 intelligent monitoring devices such as GPS positioning and sensors were installed on 89 muck transport vehicles, and transportation vehicles were realized through digital urban management platforms. The cab, the front, the hood and the rear of the car can be monitored in an all-round way. Law enforcement officers can monitor the transportation route, compartment coverage, and omission of the transportation vehicle 24 hours a day.


Load cell By installing a load cell on the muck, the car's load weight can be collected in real time, the weight information can be displayed on the vehicle display instrument in real time, and the data can be transmitted back to the monitoring display terminal through the GPS positioning transmission module. Some monitoring platforms also display alarms and voice announcements when the maximum load value is exceeded. The load cell is a force-electric conversion device that converts gravity into an electrical signal and is a key component of the electronic scale. There are many kinds of sensors that can realize the power conversion, and the common ones are resistance strain type, electromagnetic force type and capacitance type. The electromagnetic force type is mainly used for electronic balances, and the capacitive type is used for some electronic crane scales, and most of the scale products use resistance strain gauge load cells. The resistance strain gauge load cell has a simple structure, high accuracy, wide application range, and can be used in a relatively poor environment. Therefore, the resistance strain type load cell has been widely used.


Other sensors In addition, some muck truck intelligent monitoring and safety management platforms will also monitor other vehicles, such as lifting sensors, to monitor whether the vehicle is lifted to prevent dumping of construction waste everywhere; the tarpaulin opening and closing sensor can detect whether the tarpaulin is in a closed state. The airtightness is intact and the vehicle can be started to prevent dripping along the road. The liquid level sensor can detect the liquid level of the vehicle fuel tank; the tire pressure sensor can detect the tire pressure of the vehicle; the infrared sensor can detect the temperature of the brake pad and the like. For example, in March 2019, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, invested in 100 new intelligent environmentally-friendly mucks at various construction sites in the city. These environmentally-friendly mucks use the Internet of Vehicles technology to install new in-vehicle intelligent terminal equipment, with functions such as positioning, cargo compartment closed monitoring, overspeed overload warning, and offset transportation path alarm. The fully enclosed electric folding top cover used in the new car is composed of engineering plastic canvas, motor set, sensing system, remote control device, etc., with a limit switch to detect the closing of the top cover. If the top cover is not fully closed, the vehicle can only travel at idle speed. Not only that, after the new car is included in the city's smart muck service management platform, the platform can monitor the vehicle speed, transportation route, unloading location, etc. in real time. Once the vehicle is overloaded, super high or deviates from the scheduled driving route, the vehicle will automatically alarm.